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All of our services are tailored to suit any type or size of events. Listed below are examples of what we offer. These can all be altered depending on what you are looking for, whatever the occasion.
​Bespoke Mobile Crèche


Where we bring the crèche to you! 

Whether it's toys, books, or activities...we cater to all your needs. Depending on the venue, we can set up a games console area or a movie corner too.  We simply set it all up for your little guests to enjoy during the day and collect everything at the end of the night.

Coming soon...Soft play equipment

Activity Crèche (unsupervised)

Our most flexible package:

Where we facilitate all the entertainment to keep your guests happy for a selected amount of time in a dedicated area of your venue.

Whatever you choose to have, we can deliver. 

Popular areas of interest include: 

  • Arts and crafts,

  • Sensory play

  • Lego

  • Games

  • Chill out/reading corner.

  • Gaming


With his package, your guests can come and go as they please from the area.


Please note that with this package, although staff members will be there to facilitate the area, the parents still need to keep an eye on their children.

Bedtime/Overnight babysitting


Allows one of our professionals to take the hassle of tucking your little one when the party is in full swing. We can put them to bed until 

the party finishes or offer a sleepover package. 

T&C's apply

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